NERCS is all about fun & socialising . If you want serious competitive slot car racing then you`ve come to the wrong place. Here are our simple rules:

1) Doors open from 6.30pm on a club night.

2) Racing commences at 7.30pm sharp.

3) Only standard type slot cars are permitted to race at NERCS, with a maximum motor of 22k. SlotIt and NSR motors are not allowed regardless of their rating

a) All competition cars such as NSR & Slot-its (& the likes of) are strictly prohibited.(See Formula Libre Class)
b) Hand built from parts cars are allowed with restrictions. Chassis that are allowed are 3D printed, Resin or Penelope Pitlane. No scratch built chassis
c) Bodies must be hard plastic, resin or fibreglass. Vacuum formed Lexan Bodies are not allowed
d) Replacement gears can be SlotIt, simply because supplies of other makes are not readily available.
e) Tyres must be rubber or urethane. Sponge tyres are not allowed. NSR and SlotIt wheels and tyres are not allowed.

4) In the Formula Libre class(but ONLY in that class) any type of chassis, motor and tyres are allowed)

a) Classic saloons & Sports/GT are loosely defined as models representing pre 1980 cars.
b) Modern saloons & Sports/GT are loosely defined as models representing post 1980 cars.
c) Pre 1968 F1/Grand Prix cars should represent "wingless" single seaters.
d) Post 1968 F1 cars should have front & rear wings fitted.
e) Club cars are always available for you to use free of charge.

5) Ballast inside the car is permitted.
a) No exterior ballast or weights to be used whatsoever (it damages the track).

5) Simple preparations such as WD40 & lighter fluid is permitted for use on tyres. All other oils & professional preparations are not.

6) Racing is mainly crash & burn - whatever the reason- de slot & you`re out.

7) The racing is non serious.

8) Heckling of the drivers during races is positively encouraged, the more infantile the banter, the better.


NERCS is an amateur club that only races mainly standard slot cars.

The club emphasis is on socialising, not competition.
We want both kids & adults to equally enjoy their time at NERCS.

Would members please help with the smooth running of NERCS by ensuring that the following basic rules are adhered to: 1) Please act responsibly towards other members by keeping the volume down during heats. 2) Please ensure that children do not run about in the club room, climb on the chairs or enter the kitchen area.
Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.
a)Any child under the age of 16 attending NERCS should be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.
b)Children should not be left unsupervised at any time - please remember they are your responsibility.
3) Having a joke & banter is fine, but remember, we should be respectful to one another, especially to older attendees.
4) Please marshal when you are not racing.
5) We are lucky to be part of a club which has great facilities. Please treat our fixtures & fittings with respect.
6) Keep the club room tidy. Bins are provided for litter.
7) If you want to get more involved with the running of NERCS - then just ask! The more help we get - the better it is for everyone!

Have a laugh at NERCS - REMEMBER, IT`S ONLY A TOY!