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Next race dates:-

Thursday 1st July 2021

Thursday 8th July 2021

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Further nights may be availabe, depending on use of Club Room by Main Club

Hello all,
Before we re-opened for racing, I had to sign up with the Government/NHS app for a QR code. I also had to assure NERC committee that we were within all guidelines. As part of that I had to verify that I had carried out a full risk assessment, which had to be reviewed monthly.

In view of that, it being a month since we re-opened, I have looked again at what we are doing in relation to protection.

This new Delta variant has taken off and is highly transmissible. It is also found to be particularly affecting those who have not had a vaccination and the younger age group.

I have done research on the best guidance for indoor sports and we will make a few changes to how we operate, at least until 19th July, when the Government will be reviewing all restrictions. I have also had regard to the fact that some of our members have medical conditions that may make them more vulnerable.

I would not want anyone to fall ill because we haven’t followed recommended guidelines. You may not have any symptoms but can still be a carrier.

• As from next Thursday 24th June on each Club night the booking in sheet will include a column so members over the age of 18, can verify that they have had at least one vaccination or have proof of a medical exemption. (If not vaccinated for whatever reason, please do not attend NERCS until at least 19th July (unless exempt)).
• Members who are responsible for anyone of a younger age group (under18) must carry out their own risk assessment as to whether the young person can attend.
• In addition, it will be compulsory to have your temperature checked on arrival using our head thermometer. That temperature will also be recorded on the booking in sheet. Please remember that I (on behalf of the Club) have signed up to say we will operate within safety guidelines, please comply with them.

It is my neck on the line if anything goes wrong.

These rules are for your own safety as well as the safety of your Club friends. Hopefully we will get an all clear from the Government on 19th July, but until then please follow the rules.

I realise it is inconvenient and a nuisance but it is better than us having to close the Club again.

Thanks for your understanding.